Are We Nearly There Yet

Have you ever been on a long journey with little children and all they ask is 'are we nearly there yet?'. Last summer, my family and I went to Portland (Devon), which took ages to get there.


So often I find that things we do on a journey (read, puzzles, Facebook) seem to be so much less enjoyable when we want to arrive somewhere, when we want to get rid of time.


When journeying to Portland, the twins watched many TV programmes on a tablet. This was great as they were focused on something, however; it meant that they missed the here and now.


A funny story from the journey was that as we drove on the road between mainland and the island, the roof box lid came loose, and all our belongings flew off.

You may have experienced going on a journey and realising that you forgot to bring something of great importance.

The God Bit

So, you have now read all about our journey in the summer, you may be wondering what this has to do with the Bible.

Many a time, we feel that we are trudging through a barren wasteland in life, with the destination feeling so far away. The Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness, eating manna and quail. They had seen God part the red sea, they had experienced Moses receiving the 10 commandments, but still they were bored and lost faith. We can so often become like this, feeling we will be stuck in a situation for so long.

I have spent many years feeling that prayer and bible reading was a chore, with no real feeling connected. Yet, recently, something clicked and I started becoming hungry, desperate to pray. This could have only been God! Why am I telling you this? It is to raise your faith to believe in the God of the breakthrough, who will bring us through. However, his timing is not our timing. Praise God through the wilderness.

We may sometimes be so caught up with the destination that we miss what God is doing on the journey . David felt like an insignificant shepherd boy, keeping sheep each day. And yet through the killing of lions and defending his flock, God equipped him to face Golliath.

Yes we will face problems, God said that he would be with us through the trials. Paul and silas were imprisoned. But God shows himself through the storm. Praise God in the storm, as that is where he is.

God bless you!

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