Pressure- pressing down on me, pushing down on you

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Pressure in a liquid is the same anywhere, at either end or in the middle, it is the same. The same can, unfortunately, be said about life, pressure for a perfect household, the pressure to not be a bad parent; pressure to fit in, the pressure to stand out. It seems that whatever anyone does these days comes under criticism from somewhere.

When I was in school, I didn’t care about looking good or having the latest brands. However, when it came to grades, I needed to get the top in everything. If it wasn’t an A or A* I was greatly disappointed. The pressure I faced was mostly my own doing! I ended up staying up late, revising every break and lunch. This continued till I got ill when I faced burnout when I couldn’t cope with class or homework.

Others have the same problem socially, as they were so bogged down in spending hours on makeup or having to go to parties that are dangerous, they struggle tremendously.

What people need is a non-judgemental, friendly person to speak to. As ever, people are not likely to open up to close friends/ family regarding these matters, and you may be scared of discrimination at work if you speak to your boss.

People need somewhere to be who they are, to remove the mask and to breathe.

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