The Who!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The new blog series- the who!

No, I don't mean the rock band from the 60s! I am talking about who we are!

Who am I?

Body- staying healthy

Soul- mental health

Spirit- knowing God, guarding ourselves

Who are you?

Our neighbours

The 'undesirables'

The elderly

Who are We?

Relationships- friends, family, marital

Church- foundations, structure, building site

Who is He?





El Shaddai


Jehovah Jira

Jehovah Rapha


This will probably last till July. After that we will focus on

The what (3 months)

The how (2 months)

The why (1 month)

The where (1 month)

The when (1 month)

Therefore, this is the structure for the following yr.

Thank you to those who read the blogs

SNCC Website and App Editor

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