What makes us Human

During this week, we are going to delve into the third part of our being, the spirit.

The Free Dictionary puts it this way

'A force or principle believed to animate humans and often to endure after departing from the body of a person at death'

We have already looked at the body, thinking about 'staying health' (catch up here) and then last week we thought about mental health, spending a week delving into the different aspects, (catch up here).

As aformentioned, this week will focus on the last part of our human self 'the spirit'.

During this week we will break down the blogs into 4 parts again

  • Knowing God

  • Guarding Ourselves

  • What is prayer

  • What does it mean to be filled with the spirit

On Friday, we will wrap everything up in terms of body, soul and spirit. So stay tuned for the next few blogs!

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