With Fear and Trembling 

We are starting a new chapter at SNCC. A chapter of breakthrough, miracles and fire. That is amazing! As you look around on a Sunday, you can see the holy spirit working in so many lives. Tears pouring, hearts yearning, knees bent, arms raised high, jumping, there is so much the spirit is doing.

However, with the outpouring comes the trial. After Jesus was baptised, he spent time in the wilderness. There, he would have struggled . No food, no company. Alone. We can sometimes emotionally feel alone, with no one to speak to. However, although you may feel distant from the Lord, I urge you to press in.

Athletes sometimes hit the wall, where they have gone so far but feel unable to go further. Let God break down those spiritual walls.

Whilst praying about wide open spaces, I felt God say that we sometimes become so accustomed with our metaphorical prison that it begins to feel comfortable. Due to this, sometimes people (myself included) feel it is much easier to keep the imaginary prison, meaning that we miss what God is doing.

We will also face opposition. David was thrown into the lions den, Paul and Silas were thrown into prison, Jesus faced the religious rulers. The enemy does not want us to go forward and so will try to grab our ankles and hold us back. Push a metaphorical tent peg into his head and declare James 4:7 over your life


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